I teach the full range of MPA core course work, but primarily teach courses in Local Government Management, Public Budgeting, and Data Analysis. I focus on teaching concepts, their practical application, and the development of actionable skills. As a neurodivergent individual (i.e., ADHD), I understand the importance of inclusiveness and diversity in my courses. I use a two prong approach: inclusion by design (i.e., exploration of course content, text, and subtext promoting diverse opinions), and inclusion through process (i.e., using classroom management techniques to create an inclusive learning environment). I love teaching the current and next generation of public administrators, so I am always looking for ways to improve!


I highly recommend Checking out the site PASyllabi.com where many excellent syllabi have been uploaded. If you teach PA, Please consider uploading your syllabi there too.

Local Government Politics and Administration -Last taught: Fall 2020

Governmental Budgeting -Last taught: Spring 2021

Introduction to Data Science -Last taught: Summer 2021

Public Administration (I use Parks and Recreation instead of a textbook in this course) -Last taught: Summer 2019