CV Decemeber 1, 2022

Municipal Fiscal Health

(Accepted) Rethinking Development and Redistribution Policy: Testing the Local Expenditure Assumption using the Community Development Block Grant Program. By Michael Overton and Eric Stokan

50 Years as the 4th Pillar of Public Administration: A Polycentric Extension of the Social Equity Framework. By Eric Stokan, Megan Hatch, and Michael Overton

Budget Volatility and Economic Base Composition in Local Governments. By Michael Overton and Robert Bland

Emergent Patterns in Local economic Development in Light of COVID-19. By Brad Johnson, Darrin Wilson, Eric Stokan, and Michael Overton

Institutional Collective Action During Covid-19: Lessons in Local Economic Development. By Darrin Wilson, Brad Johnson, Eric Stokan, and Michael Overton

Early Payments, Late Payments, and Revenue Volatility in Texas Cities. By Michael Overton, Julius Nukpezah, and Orkhan Ismayilov

Assessing the Contributions of Collaborators in Public-Private Partnerships: Evidence from Tax Increment Financing. By Robert Bland and Michael Overton

The Great Recession’s Impact on Credible Commitment: An Analysis of Private Investment in Tax Increment Financing Districts. By Michael Overton and Robert Bland

Data and Data Science

Public Data Primacy: The Changing Landscape of Public Service Delivery as Big Data gets Bigger. by Michael Overton, Sarah Larson, Lisa Carlson and Stephen Kleinschmit

Transforming Research Methods Education Through Data Science Literacy. By Michael Overton and Stephen Kleinschmit

Data Science Literacy: Towards a Philosophy of Accessible and Adaptable Data Science Skill Development in Public Administration Programs. By Michael Overton and Stephen Kleinschmit


Investigating Sales Tax Revenue Competition among Principal Cities and Their Neighboring Cities in Texas. By Michael Overton and Julius Nukpezah

Market Differentiation and the Adoption of Economic Development Strategies: Explaining Policy Adoption in Metropolitan Areas. By Michael Overton

Sorting Through the Determinants of Local Government Competition. By Michael Overton